Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

PT. Trimitra Manunggal Energi – Drilling Services


To be globally renowned Mud Logging Unit Contractors and related services provider in the Oil and Gas sector with a dominant presence in their own country and foreign countries.



1. Develop our business horizons to provide world-class MLU and  related services.

2. Maintaining the position of domestic service sector Exploration and    Production of Oil and Gas, business  development exceeded the  limits of the domestic firm Global.

3. Provide world class service, by improving the efficiency and  security with best competitive cost.

4. Attempting to customer satisfaction with cost-effective,  accurate and reliable results.

5. Give priority to the highest standards of Quality, Health and  Safety, while protecting the environment.

6. Seek to develop long-term relationship with clients.

7. Readiness to  adopt new technologies to improve the quality,  our value-added services.