Company Profile

Company Profile

PT. Trimitra Manunggal Engeri – Drilling Service

Mud Logging units can be configured to display and record rig sensor information in both depth and time-based formats. Raw signals from the sensor are processed and displayed in engineering units on various display consoles, recorder and line printers.

  Gas detection system and chromatograph instrumentation continuously record and analyze hydrocarbon and other gases. The data can be stored on disk, and formatted for transmission to remote location such as regional or head office via satellite then that can provide Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) compliant real – time data stream.

  Result from applications software can be displayed on monitor in graphical or text format, and can be out put on variety of printers. Instant communications can be provided to The Driller, Geologist and operating company personnel when abnormal well conditions are detected.

Man Power.

We are very proud to have qualified and experienced engineers who acquire wide range of knowledge and skills to deliver the best services result needed by the client.

As the most important element, the man power resources consists of pressure engineers, data engineers, and mud logger for mud logging services.